The Boobie Trapp 2

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Boobie Trapp Cover (front).jpg
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The Boobie Trapp 2


Download OG Boobie Black's The Boobie Trapp 2 featuring Kevin Gates, Beanie Sigel, Marcelo and more.

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1. Intro (Prod. Jay Whitt)

2. First Degree Murder (Prod. 808 Mafia)

3. Be Quiet ft Kevin Gates (Prod. Jay Whitt)

4. Walk Down (Prod. Capo Redd)

5. OG Shit ft Marcelo (Prod. Saltrese

6. Get Gangsta ft Kevin Gates x Beanie Sigel (Prod. Yak Beats)

7. The Boobie Trapp Skit

8. Real Nigga Doe (Prod. Winners Circle Production)

9. Don’t Know Me (Prod. Winners Circle Production)

10. Muthafucka (Prod. Go Grizzly)

11. Homicide Division II ft Kevin Gates (Prod. Redd on the Track x Capo)

12. Your Loss (Prod. DJ K Phi)